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Summer Flings

Summer Flings or a Steady Thing?

Here's a post from OnSugar blog Teen Candy.

Do you think it's worth keeping a relationship through the summer, or are you more into the whole summer fling thing.

It seems like most of the long standing relationships in my school have been ending as we ease into summer vacation. I think that most people like the idea of steamy summer hookups, and chasing cuties on vacations. I mean, who doesn't. But I wonder if people are ending good things for the sake of flings.

Most of my friends are single and constantly looking for guys, and sometimes it can be hard when you're the only one who chose to keep a good boyfriend around. Sometimes I'm jealous of their freedom. And if you're single, why not, there's something so fun about meeting new cuties and seeing where things will go. But I decided, personally, having someone to hold when I need him is more important than using and getting used. But that's just me.


The pros of staying with my boyfriend seem to outweigh the cons. Even though I won't be single this summer, there'll still be times for beach hookups and late night skinny dipping seshes. Just with my guy.

So what about you? Summer flings or a steady thing?

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