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Sunday Confessional: Busted On My Blog

Dear Sugar,
I blog often and I blog openly. Unfortunately, recently it has caught up to me and what I've written came to bite me in the butt. After taking a weekend trip with my in-laws and becoming highly frustrated, I decided to let it all out on my private blog.

I've never had a problem with anyone in my family reading my blog, so I didn't think to make my post more private. I actually feel like it's my one outlet where I can be truly open and honest. But to be fair, what I said was pretty hurtful.

In a recent passage one late evening, I called my brother-in-law's girlfriend a nasty troll. Sometimes I just find her to be very inconsiderate and at this particular time I was frankly very ticked off. I really do like her, and my comment was inappropriate and immature. I regret posting it and hurting her feelings.

To make matters worse, she has found the post and confronted me about it. I apologized to her because I truly don't think she's an awful person and I wanted to let her know that what I was feeling was just a heat of the moment kind of emotion. Do you think this is forgivable? Venting Vicki

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