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Sunday Confessional: Don't Hate Me Because I've Re-Gifted

Dear Sugar,

I have been working overtime this holiday season and haven't had very much time to shop for presents. My fantastic boyfriend is currently out of work and has been hinting to me that he's spent countless hours buying and creating homemade special gifts for me.

When I broke up with my last boyfriend, he gave me back the fancy watch that I had bought him for his birthday. Inside there is an engraving that reads, "Yours Til The End of Time. I Love You," and it's signed with my name at the bottom.

The watch is virtually new. He only wore it for two months and seeing as I can't return it because of the engraving I've decided to re-gift it and give it to my current boyfriend. It's so special and I know he will really appreciate something so generous. He would never ever spend that kind of money on himself.

I am fully aware that this is wrong, but like I said, I have zero time to shop and it sounds like he's put so much effort into gifts for me that I am justifying in my head that this is OK. We are going to be exchanging gifts tomorrow on Christmas day with both of our families. Can you forgive me?

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