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Sunday Confessional: Don't Mess With O.P.P.

Sunday Confessional: Don't Mess With O.P.P.

Dear Sugar

I go to high school with a terribly nasty girl. I know it sounds childish, but I really dislike her. At each of our class parties this year, she relentlessly flirted with my boyfriend...well I should say my ex boyfriend. Ultimately, she made a move on him at our Fall Fling and stole him away from me.

Her locker is next to mine at school which also happens to be right across the hall from our Principal's office. My friends and I wanted to get revenge on her and teach her a lesson about flirting with other people's boyfriends, (our first year, she also slept with my friend's boyfriend while they were dating) so I watched her open her locker for about two weeks until I was able to decode her combination.

We then filled her locker with all sorts of embarrassing things such as: tampons, condoms, lubricants, dirty magazines, vibrators and other obvious anal and sexually explicit toys. The next day at school I asked a guy friend of mine to distract her from getting to her locker until the Principal was ready to walk out of his office.

When she opened her locker everything fell out. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. The Principal stopped and stared as did everyone else around her and she was completely humiliated. My friend and I were never caught! Can what I've done be forgiven? I know that it's mean, but getting even felt really good.

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