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Sunday Confessional: I Crossed the Line

For some time now, my friend has been talking about a guy she referred to as her "friend with benefits." She has stated again and again that she doesn't like him as more than that, but she also feels very territorial over him — basically she doesn't like it if he flirts with other women. I finally met him at party, and it turned out we had gone to college together and actually knew a few of the same people. We ended up exchanging numbers so he could contact me the next time he went out with our mutual friends.

He texted me the next weekend when I was out, and we met up. After way too many drinks, we both ended up back at my place, and though we didn’t have sex, it was not an innocent sleepover. Afterwards, I felt awful since I knew that I didn’t like him like that. To make matters worse, the next time I spoke with my friend she told me that she had started having more serious feelings for him.

Meanwhile, he was still texting me. I told him that he needed to stop, and I decided to confess to my friend, if for no other reason than to warn her that this guy wasn’t someone she should pursue. She was furious, and now she won’t talk to me. I feel terrible, but I’m just not sure this warrants being cut out of her life. Do I deserve to be forgiven for crossing the line with her "friend"?


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