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My boyfriend and I communicate during the work day over instant message, usually just to check in and say hi. He's been working some really long hours and it feels as though we are two ships passing in the night even though we live together. In an effort to keep things spicy, we often times IM each other sexual innuendos and it's really been helpful during these busy days to keep the romance alive.

We made dinner plans, just the two of us, Friday night. Before leaving work, I IMed him and went into short but explicit detail about how excited I was for our night together. When I didn't hear anything back, I just assumed he was away from his desk so I logged off and went home. When he got home later that night, he looked furious. Apparently he was giving a presentation and his computer was hooked up to a projector in front of his entire team — they all saw my IM. He went on to tell me that I had embarrassed him and made him look unprofessional, but I meant absolutely no harm! I was just trying to tease him before our much-needed night together, but he's beyond upset with me. Can I be forgiven?


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