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Dear Sugar,

A couple of nights ago I was walking home from dinner when I saw a change purse lying on the ground. It was about 30 yards away from the restaurant I had just left. I picked it up and found that it was full of coins and $340 in rolled bills. There was no ID, business card, or even a credit card. I wasn't sure what to do, but all I knew is that I didn't want to leave it on the street.

If there was some way for me to get the change purse back to it's rightful owner, I would have definitely returned it. I guess I could have walked it back over to the restaurant, but I knew that it didn't belong to them... so I decided to keep it. I know that it was wrong for me to have taken it, but what are the chances that the bartender or wait staff wouldn't have just kept it for themselves?

tinyspark tinyspark 10 years
It could have belonged to one of the wait staff. It could have been somebody's rent. Stop rationalizing...this is obviously bothering you...
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 10 years
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that if there was some ID in there, I'd call the person....if not....I'd wait around for the 15 mins, then sorry charlie.... Believe in Magic, or we'll have to take your soul!
mom2 mom2 10 years
oh please - it's fine -
DearMissPriss DearMissPriss 11 years
Wow, I am really surprised by all the people who said "Forgive", but the end of her question was kind of obscure. It's hard to tell if she kept it to find the owner herself, or she just kept it. I lost my wallet this summer and honestly, the dead last place I thought to look for it was in the classified section of the newspaper; the police didn't even suggest looking there. I'm not trying to sound preachy, but $340 is a lot to some people and it could mean the difference between paying rent or buying food. I think the best thing to do is take it to the police and go back to the restaurant and mention that you found something of value outside and turned it in. Boy have I ever started believing in the power of karma since entering the "real world" after my college bubble burst......
Kate-Needs-Help Kate-Needs-Help 11 years
I have to agree with you on this one, Frenchie! It's a bad-karma not forgive situation alllll around! And to say the waitstaff and bartender would have done the same, I'm assuming you've never served tables before.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 11 years
Not forgive! And as a former bartender, I'm offended you assume that they are of such little morals that you use THEM as your reasoning for such behaviour. You basically said, if the bartenders are willing to do it, then why can't I? Correct me if I'm wrong, I get that I sometimes get lost in english, but you cannot assume because someone who is working hard to earn money has no values and would keep someone's money. This situation happened to me several times whilst working and I never took the cash, I always waited for that desperate phone call asking me if a wallet was left behind. Karma would get you for this!
luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 11 years
I had my wallet stolen a few years ago. I had just take off my rings and put them in there, someone had to have been watching me. It was awful! I felt violated! fortunately the thief had taken what they wanted (10 bucks my rings and a pic of my friend) and tossed my wallet aside. I am forever grateful to the honest woman who returned it. I had bank info and many other hard to replace documents in there. Of course the situation is not the same, but having been on the receiving end of things, I urge you to place a lost and found add. Not to mention, karma, karma, karma. Could you really enjoy the new jeans knowing a child may be without because Momma dropped her coin purse?
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 11 years
I'd have kept it and if someone panic stricken came by I'd ask them if they'd lost something and get them to describe it. I wouldn't hang around for more than 15 mins though..then that's finders keepers losers weepers! Believe in Magic!
sexyeyes sexyeyes 11 years
I agree with you snixy30
snixy30 snixy30 11 years
Free money...finders keepers...
sarahlynn sarahlynn 11 years
good one valeri
Regular_Lady Regular_Lady 11 years
Everyone's pretty much covered this above - but my rule of thumb is: if you find money on the street and there's no way to track the owner - it's yours. (Think: $50 bill floating down the street...) However, given the large sum - I would place an ad or keep your eyes peeled for a "LOST" classified in the paper. Think of how happy you'd be if you were that person and you got the money back. And hey, lots of good karma from above for doing the right thing. If nothing happens with the ad, donate 1/2, keep 1/2.
Toronado Toronado 11 years
Well, think about it like this: if someone finds a pile of money on the street and takes it to the police station, and it's not claimed within a short while, the police station gets to keep it (saw it on TV on one of those 'caught on tape' shows I like). In your instance, there was no ID whatsoever in the purse. Had there been ID, and you kept it, then yeah, your conscience would have had reason to bug you about it. If I was in your situation I'd have kept my eyes peeled on sites like Craiglist or other lost & found sites. If someone posted a message about losing a purse similar to the one you found, you could have gotten in touch with them. OR, you could've left your own ad...but avoided certain details. Say you found a change purse with a few hundred dollars in it and no ID, and ask anyone who contacted you to describe what the purse looks like and what exactly was inside. If you got an exact match, bingo! If not, and it remained that way for, say, a week or two, then keep the money. That way you could say you honestly tried to find the rightful owner.
nicachica nicachica 11 years
i like the idea of giving it to charity or maybe just use it to pay off some credit card bills!
Faye16 Faye16 11 years
I probably would have done the same thing.
Jinx Jinx 11 years
Agree with Tina, Here if you turn it into the police, after a certain time frame if no one claims it, its yours!
tina_marie tina_marie 11 years
You could always make a police report. And then if it isn't claimed then I would keep it.
yayita yayita 11 years
I think you have to try all the means possible to return it first. If there is no way, then keep it.
georgie2 georgie2 11 years
I thought that if you find someting and no one claims it within a certain time frame, then you can keep it? Or is that just in Australia?
LaylaCams LaylaCams 11 years
340 could pay one and almost half of another one of my power bills! It would be very hard to get ahold of the person that dropped that change purse. It's not like she stole it so there's no reason to lecture her, just try to put something in the newspaper before you go shopping. The donating it was a very good idea, it's not your money so you shouldn't have a problem giving it to better cause.
Froggee285 Froggee285 11 years
Why don't you dontate it to a local charity, or a church, etc. Its not technically yours and true, anyone could have found it. I would ask the resturant to post a flyer asking if anyone lost money in a changepurse & give your email address. after two weeks, yes, id donate it.
yayita yayita 11 years
Forgive, if there was no ID and no way of getting it to the right person, then she keeps it
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
i would probably place an ad in the paper with an email address i got off some free site, maybe post some flyer's. i would just say "FOUND: money in a distinctive container. describe and give amount to claim". for $340 is it really worth it to be bothered by wondering if you did the right thing. i would think 2 weeks is long enough to wait. close the account and maybe give some of it to another person who needs it; share the wealth and the joy.
popstar popstar 11 years
It's technically not the right thing to do... but honestly if she hadn't of picked it up, someone else would have. I hate to admit but I probably would have done the same thing
Melissita Melissita 11 years
Think about the single-mom waitress working to try to make ends meet, or maybe it a 10 year old that has saved her allowance and had plans to buy something special. Most of us have to work hard for things, placing an ad in the paper or turning it in to the police would be the "right" thing to do. It will be hard to enjoy the money without trying to get it to its rightful owner.
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