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Sunday Confessional: I Hurt Her, But She Won't Let It Go

Sunday Confessional: I Hurt Her, But She Won't Let It Go

About two years ago, I entered a bleak time in my life and fell into a depression. Fortunately, I was able to make it through, and I feel much stronger today. However, at the time it was difficult to just leave the house, and I really distanced myself from many of my friends. In fact, one of my closest friends was going through her own struggles, dealing with a terrible breakup and the loss of a grandparent. More than once she called me crying and I failed to return the call, too lost in my sadness.

In the midst of this, it was also her birthday and she begged me to come out with her. With much trepidation, I said yes, but when the day finally rolled around, I totally flaked. Needless to say, that was her last straw. She wrote me an email basically telling me that she was sorry I was unhappy but there was no excuse for my behavior. That email as well as some other incidents forced me to see things differently, and with the help of my therapist, I was able to start putting my life back together. Eight months ago I reconciled with my friend. I told her I was so regretful of the pain I caused her, and though it took some talking, we worked it out.

But since then she's been very passive aggressive with me. She often won't call me back. And when I ask, she says, "Now you know how it feels." And she's always quick to remind me of how I hurt her, and even puts me down. She's such a good person, but she seems to have these bursts of anger towards me. I take full responsibility for what I did, and I was even willing to put up with this to some extent, but two years after the fact, it's getting old. I don't feel like this is warranted, but maybe I'm wrong. Do you think I deserve this? Or is it time for me to be forgiven?


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