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Sunday Confessional: I Lied to Save my Relationship

I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half because I felt like he was taking me for granted. When we were broken up, I created a fake account on MySpace of a really attractive guy and left comments on my page saying things like, "hey beautiful, call me" and "I had so much fun with you this weekend, let's do it again soon", to make him jealous.

I did it because I wanted to make him realize that he isn't the only guy out there that would want me. I know it is childish, but it totally made sense to me at the time. I know he read the comments, and soon after, he deleted me from his page, so I have to assume my plan worked! We didn't talk for about a month but have since gotten back together. He treats me like a princess-- obviously our break helped him realize what he was missing. I have no intention of telling him, but should I feel guilty about tricking him or is my behavior forgivable?


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calli-gurl calli-gurl 8 years
every girl would do something like that. very nice and funny too. totally harmless. not manipulative either. just a wake up call. good one. totally forgiven
AyrtonSenna AyrtonSenna 8 years
I just came across this old post and had to comment. I am a guy and not only do I think this is totally forgiveable it is also really clever and very funny. If I was in your boyfriend's shoes and you told me this I would dissolve in laughter before running over, picking you up and kissing you. Women - always so full of fun and surprises! Just have to love them.
frieddumpling frieddumpling 9 years
I think it's totally forgivable. Also, I don't think that is the only reason he got back together with you and if it is, I don't think you would want to be with him.
clove2 clove2 9 years
well, i guess it's pretty late to be commenting, but i just want to say that i'm surprised by all the comments saying this is totally forgiveable and a great idea! i hate it when girls are manipulative in relationships. it reinforces the idea that a lot of men have that women are 'crazy psychos' who will do anything to get a man. what are you gonna do next - get pregnant so he'll stay with you? i agree that sometimes men need a kick in the butt, but being manipulative is not the way to go. being open and honest about your feelings is. if he doesn't want you after that, move on to someone else who appreciates you without having to feel like he 'won' you from someone else. at any rate, did he even ask you about the other guy? if he hasn't even brought it up, he probably already knows that it was a fake.
dammitjanet13 dammitjanet13 9 years
Lol...I think you've done an awesome job. Guys are always taking us for granted and I'll do anything to teach them a lesson.
Mantis Mantis 9 years
100% forgivable, and a great idea too! Piece of advice: if you want the princess treatment to last, keep the white lie to yourself ;)
brokenxbeauty brokenxbeauty 9 years
I think we all feel the need to be wanted, desired. Sometimes I wonder when you start to lose our personal self in relationships that are completely open, not that honesty isn't completely necessary. But telling him would only make yourself feel bad and he would possibly get a laugh or it could do damage to your relationship. I can say I've done similar.
cassey cassey 9 years
its forgivable- but it may not work the second time- so pls. take care.
PrincessAmes PrincessAmes 9 years
Thats actually a good idea. LOL Glad it worked out for you.
oneforkim oneforkim 9 years
I HATE MySpace! It's going to RUIN many lives and relationships! Your little thing is forgivable. No one else was involved so no one got hurt! It IS a shame you had to play the game at all to get your b/f to wise up! What are you going to NEXT time?
JessBear JessBear 9 years
Eh, of course it's forgivable, buuuut...I agree with the above poster who said a relationship is built on honesty. I would never be in a relationship where I wasn't completely honest and truthful. If you actually had to ask if this was forgivable, then you must feel a bit guilty for it. I'd have to tell. Oh, and I would SO do something like this.
lolalika83 lolalika83 9 years
good plan. glad it worked out b/c it is a tricky hand to play
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 9 years
i'm sure he didn't get back together with you solely because of those messages- he SHOULD know that other guys are into you! forgiveable
DarkerMyLove DarkerMyLove 9 years
How funny, I'm in a similar situation right now actually. I'm going to a show this weekend (The guy I was talking to plays in the band) and I'm bringing a guy that's had a crush on me forever (feelings I've never reciprocated) just to flaunt. I haven't told any of my friends of my plan (Love 'em, but they'd talk if they had the chance), and the dude I'm going with couldn't be more clueless as to my "sudden interest" in hanging out with him. Harsh, but it serves its purpose. But back to your question... This was totally harmless. It's not like you were ACTUALLY with some other dude. Anyway, he's with you NOW. If he hasn't brought it up, why should you?
sdsunshine2119 sdsunshine2119 9 years
That was harmless.
chydancer95 chydancer95 9 years
I love this!!! Totally forgivable!!
Daddisgrl Daddisgrl 9 years
Not participating in the poll - comments instead... I can see making the page to show him what he lost but not for the sole reason of getting him back. Since it seems like you went back to him pretty quickly, he probably knows any way. I mean how did you explain the other guy not being in the picture when he asked you back out?
juliemyjewel juliemyjewel 10 years
Hahahaha! This is frickin great! Totally forgivable and rather awesome if you ask me! Thanks for the idea!
RocketScience RocketScience 10 years
Don't feel guilty--it's not as if you went out there and used a real live hottie to make your boyfriend jealous. Also, it sounds like you haven't actually lied to your boyfriend, he's just making assumptions about this "other guy." I say, enjoy the princess treatment and forget about it.
rlveronica rlveronica 10 years
I agree with lilegwene. This kind of stuff sounds so high school and if you had do it in the first place, he doesn't deserve you then.
classic_cutie classic_cutie 10 years
Listen, you should totally forgive yourself everyone one gets a little over their head sometimes.. right? Its nothing to be ashamed of even though it was kind of munipulative. It's harmless. And look at it this way... you got what you wanted.. didn't you?
JustMe21 JustMe21 10 years
I think it was a fab idea and it looks like you got what you wanted :-) You shouldn't feel guilty.
Sherbear Sherbear 10 years
You go girl! That was a good idea that I don't think I would have thought of.
amandabuchanan amandabuchanan 10 years
no foul... at least no feelings were hurt in the process (especially the fake guy's). what i mean is, this is better than dragging some innocent bystander into the picture to acheive the same results.
KrisSugar KrisSugar 10 years
yeah, some men just need a little kick in the pants. silly thing to do, but it worked. forgiveable!
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