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I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half because I felt like he was taking me for granted. When we were broken up, I created a fake account on MySpace of a really attractive guy and left comments on my page saying things like, "hey beautiful, call me" and "I had so much fun with you this weekend, let's do it again soon", to make him jealous.

I did it because I wanted to make him realize that he isn't the only guy out there that would want me. I know it is childish, but it totally made sense to me at the time. I know he read the comments, and soon after, he deleted me from his page, so I have to assume my plan worked! We didn't talk for about a month but have since gotten back together. He treats me like a princess-- obviously our break helped him realize what he was missing. I have no intention of telling him, but should I feel guilty about tricking him or is my behavior forgivable?


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