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Sunday Confessional — I Lost the Bracelet My Boyfriend Gave Me!

My boyfriend and I celebrated Christmas together for the first time last December. Though we are both watching our spending, we decided to go all out. I got him an awesome new suitcase that he had his eye on, and he got me a beautiful bracelet from my favorite boutique. I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful gift — I absolutely love it and I wear it every day!

The other night, on our way home from drinks with friends, my boyfriend looked down at my wrist and asked me why I wasn't wearing the bracelet. My heart sank — I was wearing it — it must have fallen off. In an effort to not upset him, I told him that I had forgotten to put it back on after I got out of the shower.

First thing the next morning, I called the boutique where he got it and asked if they had any more left. They didn't, but the sales woman told me they could special order another one for me. I gave her the green light, but it won't get here for another two to three weeks. I don't know how I long I can make up stories before he finds out the truth, but since I lied to my boyfriend's face when he originally asked me where it was, I feel like I need to keep up the charade as long as I can. I don't condone lying and have made that very clear ever since we first started dating, so can I be forgiven for being a complete hypocrite?

Submit your own Sunday Confessionals here and see if you are forgiven!


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