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Sunday Confessional: I Lost My Sister's Favorite Jacket

Sunday Confessional: I Lost My Sister's Favorite Jacket

I'm a forgetful person by nature and my older sister takes every opportunity possible to call me irresponsible.

Friday night her boyfriend surprised her and took her away for the night to celebrate their anniversary. She asked me to feed her cat while she was gone since I have a set of her keys, so while at her place, I browsed through her closet. I decided to borrow her leather jacket that I've always loved to wear out that night — I figured she'd never realize it was gone!

Later that evening, I went out with my friends, admittedly drank too much and went home with a guy I had been flirting with all night. In the morning, I rushed out of his place in order to get back to my sister's to feed her cat. As soon as I got out of the cab, I realized I had left her jacket in the backseat! My heart sank; it's her favorite article of clothing and she didn't even give me permission to borrow it! I've been guilt-ridden for the past two days and have no idea what to do. My sister is going to be furious with me and I just can't face her disappointment, even though I know I deserve it. I haven't mentioned it to her and I'm contemplating not saying anything at all. Can I be forgiven if I let her think someone else took it or that she herself lost it?


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