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Sunday Confessional: My Boyfriend's Proposal Sucked

Dear Sugar,

In the past few weeks, things have been a little weird with me and my boyfriend. We're very much in love, have been together over six years, and we have a house together. We've talked about getting married, but haven't made it official yet (we're not engaged). He's been acting really distant and depressed lately because he hates living in Florida. He says it's way too hot and he misses winters up north.

Last week he got a work promotion, but the job is in upstate New York. He asked if I would go with him, but I told him I wasn't sure. I love the warm weather and being close to my friends and family, plus I'm finishing up grad school and can't really pick up and leave. I was also straightforward and said I'd never move anywhere with someone who wasn't committed to me. He said he was committed to me, and I said I'd only move if we were engaged.

So right then and there, he got down on one knee, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, and not in a happy way. I felt like he was being selfish in a way, and that he only proposed because he wanted me to move with him. It wasn't the heartfelt, romantic proposal I had always dreamed of. I cried, and said that I wasn't going to answer him until he asked me properly. Should I forgive him for his crappy proposal, or is this a sign that things just aren't meant to be?


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