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Sunday Confessional: My Roommate's Been Having Sex in My Bed

Sunday Confessional: My Roommate's Been Having Sex in My Bed

Since graduating from college, I've been living in a house with two other girls; we were all friends in school. There are only two bedrooms, and one of the girls has to sleep in an alcove off the living room — she pays far less rent. It's not an ideal situation, but it's what we can all afford. Luckily, I'm often gone on the weekends to see my boyfriend, so I can get away. However, recently upon getting home, I started getting the feeling that someone had been in my room.

I'm fairly clean and organized, so I couldn't help but notice an extra glass of water on my bedside table and a pillow on the ground. I didn't want to accuse anyone of anything, so I kept my mouth shut. One day my roommate, who has the other bedroom in the house, approached me privately and told me that she was sure our other roommate was bringing guys over and having sex in my bed. Apparently she had heard certain noises coming from there on more than one occasion when I was gone and even saw one guy sneak out in the morning.

Obviously this news both infuriated and disgusted me — I had been sleeping in those sheets! I've always felt bad for our roommate, since she has little space and just a futon mattress in the alcove, but I have a huge problem with her taking over my bed to sleep with some guy. I confronted her, and we had a huge fight. We're currently not speaking, and I want her out of the house. Only now, my other roommate is trying to convince me to just let it go. She doesn't want us to kick her out and she's tired of all the tension in the house. I don't want to be a drama queen, but I still feel totally disrespected and unnerved by the whole thing. Should I listen to my other roommate and forgive her? Or are my feelings justified?


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