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Dear Sugar

I am lucky enough to work at my grandpa's company. It's a family business that's been around for 46 years. My entire family still works there including my grandparents, parents and brother. I started about six months ago.

Everyone in the company is really tight and we only hire close friends that we really trust. Well, there is this one guy that I've always felt close to and I can't help it, but I just think that he's so cute, smart and strong. I know it's wrong. I am 20 and he's 43, but I really like him. I get the fuzzies whenever he passes by me.

The other night, we were closing up and I pulled out a bottle of wine. We drank it and talked for what seemed like hours. I was feeling really close to him and something just came over me. I walked right over to him and began to kiss him. Unfortunately, right as things were getting good, my grandpa walked in. He had forgotten a stack of checks and wanted to cash them first thing in the morning.

When he saw us, he freaked! My Grandpa called him a pedophile and fired him on the spot. I didn't say a word. I know that I am horrible for letting him get fired, but the alternative was to tell my grandfather that I got an older man drunk and then aggressively began making out with him. He can't know that, I'd never be able to look at him again!

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