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We're scouring the juicy (but anonymous!) secrets posted on Truu Confessions and letting you weigh in. This week a confessor admits that she has an aversion to kissing.

"I recently came to the conclusion that I don't like kissing my husband. In fact, I don't like kissing anybody."

Do you think this is a big deal?

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GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I'm with Chrstne. To each her own. Personally, I don't identify. I loooove kissing. It's such a wonderful way to experience a person.
ren_kr ren_kr 7 years
i hate slobber.
Sweetytart Sweetytart 7 years
Never been much of a kisser myself.
whispernaut whispernaut 7 years
I'd rather cuddle than make out. Little kisses are alright though.
Texasred45 Texasred45 7 years
Like totygoliguez said, "...if he likes to kiss and she doesn't or vice versa then is a huge problem." And I have that "huge problem;" it seems like my significant other has developed a dislike for kissing, and it's something I REALLY like! I've even asked, "What is it? Do I have bad breath?" but it's not that simple...
karlotta karlotta 7 years
(because I'm not 12)
karlotta karlotta 7 years
Any chance you could change the "OMG" and "whatever" options to something less... "OMG/Whatever"? I wouldn't say OMG with a gun to my head.
dikke-kus dikke-kus 7 years
Kissing is usually so nice. Big kisses. Small pecks. Lingering kisses. Kiss on the check. Big make outs. Necking. Talk about missing out. Too bad for her.
nicklover nicklover 7 years
Not a big deal. There are other ways to show affection, like some pointed out, cuddling.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 7 years
IMO it is a huge deal but like some suggest I think her feelings were cultivated by experience and not a predisposition to hate kissing. The good thing is it can be remedied if she and her husband want it to be it's up to her though.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I like kissing, but I'm really not a touchy-feely person. Some people aren't.
PontNeuf PontNeuf 7 years
My wife used to think she hated kissing until she started dating women.
totygoliguez totygoliguez 7 years
I agree with marci, as long as both are in the same page then is not a big deal. But if he likes to kiss and she doesn't or vice versa then is a huge problem. I personally love to kiss, huge fan of kissing.
sham28 sham28 7 years
Well, we have no context, so we don't know if it's a problem or not. Does your husband mind? And though I didn't select it this time, I really resent having to describe my feelings on anything as "OMG." I'm not twelve. Just my thought of the day.
Marci Marci 7 years
Different strokes for different folks. As long as the two people who are together are okay with things, then who cares what anyone else thinks? So if your husband can deal with it, then stop worrying about it.
VicVicVictooriaa VicVicVictooriaa 7 years
I guess I just cant imagine not liking kissing the other in my's pretty much my favorite thing to do....and I get sad when I can't kiss him for multiple days in a row
prosecco-in-the-park prosecco-in-the-park 7 years
I guess it's not a big deal if they both don't like it but I think there should be kissing.
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
After being in a relationship for 4 years we didn't kiss nearly as much as when we were in the infatuation stage, but we still kissed, just not the heavy make outs. I like kissing, but like kellylouise said about cuddling, there can be other ways to show affection that don't force you to share bad breath and can be just as satisfying as kissing.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
To each his own, I guess.
kellylouise kellylouise 7 years
WTF? Get over it. I'm not really into kissing either, prefer to cuddle. XP
French-Kiss French-Kiss 7 years
It's pretty uncomfortable for a situation... Maybe you didn't find the right way to be kissed ? =/
Xemena Xemena 7 years
if this is not a big deal then what is?
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