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Sunday Confessional: They Won't Let Go of My Failed Marriage

Sunday Confessional: They Won't Let Go of My Failed Marriage

I got married too young, and unfortunately now find myself going through a divorce at 25. We both realized that we had more changing to do than we realized, and we grew apart. Obviously it's a tender situation, but it's fairly amicable. We still talk to each other, but it's on a very formal level. In fact, I'm getting back into dating — very casually.

In the time that my ex and I were dating and then married, he grew very close to my family, especially my parents. I was always very grateful for that, and I know that they've spoken to him since our separation to help him out with some financial questions. In fact, my parents have been extremely supportive and non-judgmental. The problem is, my mom still keeps up all of our wedding pictures. They line the halls and are in the living room and entryway of their house — I can't escape them.

At first I thought it was just because it was too soon, but now it's been nearly six months and she still won't remove them. I can't imagine ever bringing a new guy over to their house and have him face all of them. When I told my mom that she became completely upset and told me that I shouldn't even be thinking about new men. I'm beyond angry with her and I'm tempted to go in and take them down myself. I demanded that she remove them, but she wouldn't and now things are very awkward between us. Should I forgive her for this and let it go?


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