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Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Men, Women, and M&Ms Show Skin During this Year's Super Bowl Ads

There were lots of reasons to tune in to the Super Bowl this year. Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. Madonna's halftime show. And of course, the commercials. As expected, advertisers still think sex sells, and we saw many examples of sexualized, half-naked women during the commercial breaks. But they weren't the only ones to strip. David Beckham showed off his soccer bod for H&M and an M&M chocolate showed us that he's sexy and he knows it. Here are four examples of Super Bowl skin. And comment with your Super Bowl ad highs and lows.


After seeing a lifetime of Victoria's Secret angels on TVs, it was exciting to see David Beckham modeling off his briefs — and hot bod for H&M. They didn't hold back on the close-ups.


The florist had model Adriana Lima tell guys that on Valentine's Day they just need to give in order to receive, essentially suggesting women will perform sexual favors in exchange for flowers.



I had to laugh at this M&M commercial. The red dude M&M thinks a brown-shelled lady M&M is going nude and decides to strip and dance ridiculously. He's sexy and he knows it.

See Go Daddy's ad after the break.

Go Daddy

This ad with Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels, treats an anonymous nude model like a billboard for domain names. If it's supposed to be funny, I missed any humor.

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Tara-Block Tara-Block 5 years
It's about time a Super Bowl ad targets women — hello, Beckham! But Go Daddy disappoints again with a sexist ad lacking creativity and humor.
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