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Super Tuesday by the Numbers

So the nominations aren't exactly decided, even after Super-Duper Tsunami-rageous Tuesday Extravaganza-palooza! But, here's a simple delegate projection:

Democrats 2,025 Needed:

  • Hillary Clinton 845

  • Barack Obama 765

Republicans 1,191 Needed:

  • John McCain 613
  • Mitt Romney 269
  • Mike Huckabee 190

Check out the New York Times interactive election guide for an extensive breakdown of who won what.


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Curlywhirl Curlywhirl 9 years
I just saw on MSNBC at around 2:00 pm eastern, Barack Obama 848, Hilary Clinton 845. Very close!
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
wasnt it just reported that obama took the lead with delegates?
amybdk amybdk 9 years
The NYTimes site is a little confusing! It says that it was last updated at 6:01 pm. Everywhere I look I'm finding different numbers. Time will tell... I just want to know now though!
LibertySugar LibertySugar 9 years
One more thing — sorry! These are the AP delegate totals which include committed super delegates. So, there may be other totals out there. The link provided in the post will bring you to a very comprehensive breakdown. But, bottom line — it's close!
LibertySugar LibertySugar 9 years
By the way, I just updated the numbers. So we should be good for now!!
LibertySugar LibertySugar 9 years
Hey everyone! This was the current update when it got posted. We will have a full recap later. But, that's why I included the link to the NYTimes, so you could get all the current info as results came in! Thanks for stopping by. :)
nola45 nola45 9 years
Sorry, Citizen. I see that the article was posted by Liberty. Anyway, any corrections needed? All of us on the East Coast were up late, but not late enough to see the final results in California.
nola45 nola45 9 years
The NYTimes delegate count was a little different that you said, Citizen: Mrs. Clinton won 584 delegates in Tuesday’s vote, bringing her total to 845, according to a count by The Associated Press. Mr. Obama won 569 delegates for a total of 765, The A.P. reported. A candidate needs 2,025 votes to win the nomination. Maybe you were looking at an earlier version of the AP vote count. The delegate count is so complicated that I would like to understand more. I think the reporters aren't so sure, either! Each source was giving different numbers last night as results were coming in, and those were probably projections. If this race will be determined at the convention, do you think that this advantages Clinton, or Obama?
CitizenSugar CitizenSugar 9 years
Hi scorpstar, Yes, good point--I was even surprised when I got my ballot yesterday how many people were on it that nobody's been talking about. We'll do a little digging today and see what we come up with on Mr. Gravel...
scorpstar77 scorpstar77 9 years
I'm also a big fan of CNN's election website coverage ( - they've got info on who's got how many delegates so far, breakdowns by state, lists of the issues, etc. I stated yesterday that my primary vote is going to go to Mike Gravel, but I'm curious as to why NO ONE is talking about him at all, and never has been in this election. It's like he's being purposely ignored by everyone doing election coverage. Even here, in the poll yesterday morning asking who everyone was going to vote for, all of the Dem and Rep candidates were represented in the poll EXCEPT for Gravel. Liberty, Citizen - you should to a brief bit on him, just for information's sake. I think it's clear he's not going to be the Dem candidate in the big race, but he has some interesting ideas that actually vary from what the rest of the politico-babble has been, he's not afraid to speak his mind (which is likely what's gotten him ignored, i.e. he's the only candidate actively supporting gay marriage), and he's currently running a non-profit organization promoting civics and education, which is just so awesome to me. Anyway. I think he deserves a little love, because so few people even realize he's a candidate in the race!
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