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I had so much fun reading the comments for Title Your Autobiography, I decided to go in search of a few inspirational sites where you could really let loose with your creativity, wit and expressiveness. And here's what I found! 400 Words is both an online and print project, where readers submit their autobiography in under 400 words; you're also invited to write 400-words-or-less about an upcoming theme. Fun. Fun. Fun. And great reading, too!

Click here to

I've included a snippet below from an interview with the young lady who started 400 Words: another person, at loose ends around career stuff, who let her quirks and obsessions lead her! The entire interview can be found at this groovy site called 52 Projects. I found the interview under the "Inspiration' category, which was full of fascinating and fun stuff!

What was your inspiration for the project?

Being 22 and 23 a couple years ago and having no idea what direction to point myself in after college. Feeling simultaneously mind-boggled by all the choices supposedly out there, and demoralized by the setbacks: like the way that a 4-year degree didn't protect me from not being able to get a coffee shop job in Portland, OR in the 2002 economic slump. I became keenly interested in other peoples' life stories, like maybe there were answers in there somewhere for me.

If anyone decides to submit an autobiography, please tell me! I'll make an annoucement & link to it!!!

Oh, and 'superLove' is just my geeky way of saying I'm entirely smitten with a site or an idea!!!


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kiddylnd kiddylnd 10 years
Sounds like fun! Maybe I'll give it a whirl.
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