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Supermercado de Wal-Mart Coming to Texas and Arizona

Bienvenido a Wal-Mart!

Retail giant Wal-Mart will soon open Hispanic-focused grocery stores in Texas and Arizona. The staff will be bilingual and the stores will feature tortilla bakeries, a larger selection of Spanish-language music and DVDs, and a wide assortment of Hispanic food.

Companies can't help but pounce on the potential in the Hispanic market. In addition to Wal-Mart's supermercado plans, Home Depot and Best Buy have launched Spanish-language websites.

Are you happy a huge retailer can adapt to a specific market, or would you rather see local stores appeal to the local tastes?


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tazmaniahouston tazmaniahouston 8 years
let me tell u something symphonee all walmart stores are different i been working for walmart 10 yrs all ready and if ur a lazy associate u never gonna like to work for walmart i been a csm for 9 yrs and working on 3 different stores and let me tell u that wlamart is a very good company to work for but it depends on ur performance and ur managers team that ur work can be easy i dont know how long u work for walmart but i been working some day by myself cause the other associates call in or something happen and i dont care cause i love my job, and specially cause i dont like to work with lazy people i prefer to work by myself, other thing yes we are on America, not on the us if u see a map and if u know the history of the united states u know that california was part of mexico and that theres many people on the us that they grandparents or somebody on theres families where inmigrant even some of the expresidents has family memmbers that are inmigrants
tazmaniahouston tazmaniahouston 8 years
thats dumm and stupid thats not true, i dont know why everybody is making a big deal with this why the people dont say anything about HEB they have the hispanic store to at Pasadena named MI* TIENDA why everybody just make comments about walmart the first company that do this was HEB and nothing that all this people said about the new Supermercado its true u have to work there so you know whats going on the good thing is when that store open all the people that talk sh** about walmart its gonna go there and shop like we the hispanic people said "cae mas pronto un hablador que un cojo" and remember that before u start talking about hispanic and inmigrant people that people are the ones that put ur food on your table cause u never gonna see any black or gringo on the farm or doing hard work all that people are use to live with the goverment money u never saw a hispanic on the freeway asking for money theres no hispanic people on the streets as a homeless its only white or black people and let me tell u something even the US presint Obama speaks spanish so why u cant learn, thats true we live on the us but the people that is bilingual get better pay on any job here than the people that just speak one language
danixk danixk 8 years
excuse me. this is bullshit. yep. I'm one of those "learn-the language" people. It makes me fume when I see that we have spent tons and tons of money on translating things to Spanish. I feel as though these people are lazy in that they do not learn English...and I feel as though we're STUPID for catering to their behavior. I don't know. This topic just makes me heated. Wal Mart is the evil empire. They KNOW they can get away with whatever they choose to do. I never shop there. They will not allow employees to work 40+ hours, so that THEY do not have to provide healthcare.
joe-alves joe-alves 8 years
i urge everyone to write walmart and let them know how you feel. i have done so as well as several of my friends and its obvious that they are taking heat on this issue by their generic email. this site deletes my comments if i leave links to my sites, but if you can find my sites, i have all the info you need to contact walmart and you can use my message if you dont want to write your own.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I lived in Ft. Huachuca outside of Sierra Vista, Arizona for a year. I went to a wal mart to buy a few things and I asked for help. No one spoke English on the shift. No one could help me. I have no problem with a company catering to a particular group but this a a little too far.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
Starangel I left the same day I got my check. I hated working at Wal Mart. I had a homeless guy pee on a pillar in my babies department and it took forever to get cleaned up. I never took a break and sometimes they would schedules just me and a completely deaf girl to work the entire softlines department for an 8 hour shift. I barely shop there now because of this.
luvitorleaveit luvitorleaveit 8 years
TO THE PERSON THAT MADE THE FOLLOWING COMMENT: "all those people who say america is english speaking and shouldn't cater to those who don't speak it, i hope you never live in a non english speaking country and have people get mad at you for not speaking their language. As a person who has studied and speaks 6 languages, english is hard, probably the hardest to learn, so think about that. Anyway I love love Wal-Mart, I'm a student so I choose what suits my bank balance and wal-mart wins, plus it's open 24 hours." UM, HELLO, IF ANY OF US WERE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT WAS NON ENGLISH SPEAKING, WE'D LEARN THEIR LANGUAGE! THAT'S WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE! I LIVE IN AMERICA AND I LEARNED SPANISH JUST SO I COULD COMMUNICATE WITH THE HISPANICS THAT WONT LEARN ENGLISH! I WOULDN'T HAVE THE NERVE TO MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND EXPECT IT'S CITIZENS TO CATER TO ME!
quikgamer quikgamer 8 years
This is ridiculous. This is America, learn to speak English. My ancestors came to this country, worked hard and learned to speak English. We should not be bending over backwards for hispanics who don't want to learn English. Most of the things in Wal-Mart are already translated to Spanish anyway and it's annoying. This will only encourage hispanics legal or otherwise to not learn English. I lived in a foreign country for 5 years and I had to learn how to communicate in their language, I didn't expect them to speak English to me.
T-S T-S 8 years
I have big problems. Apparently when I say it's always tough to be in the minority, it means I assume the person I'm talking to is white...
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
Alright, I think it's time to bring the debate back to the topic :) I've rethought my position (a few times to tell the truth) and while nyaradzom made a good point earlier, I disagree with the way we're starting to cater toward other languages. Yes, other countries do that, but they do it for TOURISTS, not citizens.
T-S T-S 8 years
How is that hostile? I said it sucks to be in the does! It's always easier not to be. I didn't say she was white, black or purple, I was just pointing out that it always sucks to feel like you're on unfamiliar territory.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
Stephley, considering you're claiming all sorts of crazy things that have never been said over on other threads, it's kind of amusing to see you criticizing someone for reading into what someone would say! ;)
stephley stephley 8 years
True, some people prefer interpretative reading to critical thinking. :oy:
chatondeneige chatondeneige 8 years
I'm sorry, residents of that town did have another option. We could drive 55 miles of mountain road to the nearest town, and go to their (pathetically small) JC Penny for socks, and I reckon we could have purchased trash cans at the Home Depot in that town, and I imagine that the grocery stores there could develop film. ;)
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