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Energy Faceoffs Spark Police Raids and Surprising Couplings

Grab a Redbull, it's a big week of energy match-ups: Obama vs. McCain, Protesters vs. Police, and Pickens plus Gore?

While Barack Obama may be declaring it "energy week" in a speech in the US today, in the UK police have cracked down on a camp of eco-activists protesting a new coal-fired power station. Police made arrests today during a second raid of the campsite.






Earlier, around 200 officers raided the climate camp, taking custody of hundreds of items they said could be used to break the law. The week-long camp out is being held at the proposed site of the UK's first new coal-fired power station in 30 years.

To see their difference in opinion, plus the green team of Pickens and Gore,


The protesters claim that the police are stopping their message that a new coal station will stop the UK from meeting CO2 targets, while the police have a different take. They say the items taken (super glue, climbing ropes, and bolt cutters) show the protesters had a more malicious intent.

Meanwhile, energy mavericks Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens have been in talks about what could be the most interesting combo of planet warriors to date. The duo are said to be in talks about their respective campaigns to overhaul US energy. Is it too late for Pickens/Gore '08?


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