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MandeeLei MandeeLei 9 years
I have no idea why.. but I found that hilarious lol
northofantastic northofantastic 9 years
*laughs so hard she snorts* Love it! Damn monkeys!
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
That has got to be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. But it was funny.
Annika2494003 Annika2494003 9 years
Now clap like this!
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 9 years
Keep ze monkies away from my hands! We are ze monkies!
flippy flippy 9 years
hahahaha circley square, squarey circle!
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
Love the banana fingers! They need to work on their German though... ;) Speaking of German music and Kraftwerk though, these guys probably come closest to being Kraftwerk's legitimate heirs: It's really simply, but for some reason that video always cracks me up. :)
meah8 meah8 9 years
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