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Dear Sugar
I'm a teenage girl who's interested in wearing a bikini like most of my friends. My legs and arms are great; however, I'm pretty self conscious about my tummy. I wouldn't say it's fat, but it's not completely flat and sticks out a little bit.

Are there any bikinis I can wear that won't make me feel like I'm whaleish? - Or, am I destined to one-pieces forever? Bikini Brittany

Dear Bikini Brittany
Of course you aren't destined to full piece suits forever. Here are some cute and sexy options for you.

  • Rouching across the tummy and hips is the most flattering device you can choose to disguise soft or dimpled tummy areas. Try Bloomie's Bandeau Top and Bottoms
  • Use stripes or a little waistline trim or belt to create a streamlined shape for apple body shapes or round tummies. I like Anne Klein's New York Knotted Hipster Bikini
  • Go for something that hits you higher around your belly button instead of a skimpy scoop cut bottom. Also, avoid anything with patterns around your stomach. This will only draw attention to the area.

Also, don't forget to play up what you love about your body; so don't work too hard at covering up a teeny weeny belly bulge if you can draw attention to your great legs and arms. Suits that are high cut in the thigh will lengthen your legs and draw attention to your leg/hip area and halter tops make your shoulders look cut.

There's no time like the present to work out your abs. Check out a past post about Exercises For A Summer Six Pack.

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