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Take Your President-Elect-to-Work Day! Obama Tours Factory

Bringing back memories of life on the campaign trail, Barack Obama emerged from his stints in Chicago, Hawaii, and Washington, to meet with factory workers in Ohio. Obama toured a wind turbine factory, and also held a townhall meeting with the workers to discuss the economy and job creation.

By heading to the Ohio factory, Obama was looking for more than a photo op. He wants Congress too pass a two-year economic stimulus plan to address the crisis. He told the workers: “We’re looking to create good jobs that pay well and won’t be shipped overseas.” As for how, yesterday the House of Representatives unveiled its $825 billion economic recovery plan, which would include $550 billion in spending and $275 for business and family tax cuts.

Considering the high unemployment rate, and news today that Circuit City's closure will cost 30,000 more jobs, let's hope Obama has some good ideas.

Barack Obama picks up a bolt during a tour of the Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Company factory.


A worker shows Obama how he makes large bolts used for bridge construction.

Obama greets people after addressing the gathering of workers and leaders from the wind energy industry.

Obama holds a souvenir bolt presented to him by an employee following the tour.


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