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Dear Sugar
I have a rocky history with switching jobs. When I first left college, I worked for McDonald's on a contract basis. After six months I left to become an Administrative Assistant for one of the world's largest computer companies. I thought it was a great opportunity, but after being there for a few weeks, I realized that it wasn't all I thought it was cracked up to be.

I sat in a small office for nine hours a day and my phone never rang. It was so boring! I found myself complaining to my superiors that I wanted to do more, but it began irritating the other women in the department who actually enjoyed their 'slow days'. After a few weeks I left the position.

It wasn't until eight months later that I finally went back to work for an agency where I had a slew of different positions. I lasted there about a year and now I am working for one of the largest oil providers in the world.

I have been here for ten months and now I have just been offered a new job that is closer to home and it pays better. Do you think that switching jobs again will look too jumpy on my resume? I work hard, I spend a lot of my time at work doing my own thing, but I always get my work done. Opportunistic Ophelia

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Dear Opportunistic Ophelia
I think that you are getting caught up and impressed in the names of these big companies without looking into the culture and the actual job descriptions enough. Sure, big names can be appealing, but if you aren't going to last even a year there it doesn't matter how successful they are; you'll never stay long enough to vest and reap the rewards.

There is a very good reason why people advise each other not to serial job switch. It's because it costs companies a lot of time and money to train someone. Nobody wants to hire someone whose resume doesn't reflect commitment.

Also, when you say that you work hard but that you spend a lot of time at work doing your own thing, does that mean that you work independently or that you are blogging with your TEAMSUGAR pals during business hours? I am certainly not complaining, but I can see how your boss might frown on this type of behavior unless it's during your lunch hour or your designated break time.

If it's the latter, then you either aren't being challenged enough or you aren't taking advantage of going above and beyond your job description to get ahead. When you are faced with your next business opportunity, try and picture yourself there in three years.

Are you making a name for yourself and are you doing what you love? Go for the job fringing on just out of your league and see if you can get it. It's amazing how rewarding personal success feels. Promotions are really quite addicting!

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