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Tall, Dark, Handsome and Rich

Dear Sugar
I met a great guy who I am interested in seriously dating. He is 26; tall, dark handsome, wealthy and really smart. He comes from an amazing family and we share a lot of similar interests, passions and have some mutual friends. We went out for drinks and had a good time; he kissed me and put me in a cab home. We've had two dates since then, once for drinks, and another time at his parents' place where he was taking care of the family dog. I get the feeling that he is interested in me (at least for sex) but I want to date him! I haven't taken the physical stuff any further than the one kiss that we had because I have a strong suspicion that he can get pretty much any girl he wants. He also seems like the type that uses his status and family clout to impress people, and every time he tries to show off to me, I downplay it because his money isn't what attracts me to him. He does keep asking to see me but he never calls me - he just e-mails me (though I can't fault him for that because we are both blackberry addicts). I am concerned that he is only keeping me around to see if he can get in my pants! How can I tell if he is seriously interested in me? We have another date tonight and I'm not sure how to act. Trepidatious Tammy

Dear Trepidatious Tammy
Isn't this always the case? You meet someone you really like after tons of dating around - and then you aren't sure if he likes you back in the same way. It's bound to make you crazy, vulnerable and have you wondering about everything you said, did and wore on your last date together. I am interested to know why you think that he's only interested in sex with you when all he's tried to do is kiss you so far. If you were alone at his parents place he could have tried to jump you then and there. Have you met any of his friends yet? I think you need a night out with them to see what kinds of people he surrounds himself with. Are they; flashy single rich guys, young yuppie couples, or a normal mix of all kinds of people? You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. Also, if he's only 26 he may not necessarily want a girlfriend, he may just be dating. Keep that in mind during your next date. When you're out, ask him if he's ever had a long term girlfriend or if he's ever been in love. You'll get an indication if he's a player or not. Just think about our favorite 4 girls and maybe this will make sense...You wouldn't try and match a Charlotte with a Mr. Big, right? If he's a Mr. Big then there's your warning signal. It'll be a long, frustrating road with him. Let's hope he's more like Smith.

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