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Tap'dNY Is Selling Bottled New York Tap Water

Water Taxi: Company Bottles New York City Tap Water, Sells It

I've always known (for like the last year) that the larger the water system, the cleaner the water. But Tap'dNY has taken New York City water to a new level: It's selling it. People even buy it!
The five boroughs actually have some of the healthiest water in the country. So healthy that the Environmental Protection Agency said it didn't need filtration (though Tap'd does filter) in 2007. And it's long been hailed the special ingredient in the city's bagels and pizza crusts.

Hope to taste that fresh Upstate water after it's flown through the sinewy pipes of Gotham? Forgetta 'bout it. The water is only sold in New York. City. Because, you know (everyone knows!), New Yorkers don't have faucets.

Since we're all caught parched and water bottleless at some point, I'll entertain the idea that Tap'dNY makes sense. To find out how,


The green idea behind Tap'dNY is that it's local. It's pumped in a warehouse in Brooklyn and bottled 12 miles away in New Jersey. It's a lukewarm environmental tactic, considering 80 percent of water bottles go to rest in landfills. Yet at least one merchant has canceled its order of Poland Spring because the Maine-based (Nestlé-owned) company cannot keep up with its new competitor.

Are you drinking it up, or will the idea run dry?

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bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
I second Krradford .... trash cans are hard to find. No surprise that recycling receptacles are non-existent in NYC.
JenniferIsabella JenniferIsabella 8 years
I grew up and live in New York, but I'm at school in DC and the water here is NOT the same! There is a very noticable (and bad) difference when it comes to the taste of tap water. My Brita has not been used for a very long time.
Kelliegrl Kelliegrl 8 years
It's hard to find garbage cans let alone recycle bins out here.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
I'm with Nancita. Just seems like this is going to create more plastic-bottle waste. When I was in NY last week, I was disappointed by how hard it is to find recycling receptacles.
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
I think this is great ... since enough tourists haven't caught on that most people in NYC carry their own water bottles instead of buying bottled water from Duane Reade. It also emphasizes how NYC water is safe, so that they are not asking for bottled water in restaurants instead of tap. I personally would like it if this company produces reusable bottles of NY water. I would purchase a reusable bottle of water from the drug store instead of running to the closest sporting store to pick up some high tech over priced one. Did anyone else notice that Starbucks has started selling water bottles?????
death-by-chocolat death-by-chocolat 8 years
Hmm... yes, I don't know how to make filtered water taste bitter. lol Sorry! Maybe the idea will work for someone else.
zeze zeze 8 years
Death - then we have to deal with the whole issue of the slighly bitter taste thanks to added minerals ;)
margokhal margokhal 8 years
Silly. Most name-brand bottle water companies get their water from municipal sources. All the water I buy down here in Texas [Ozarka, Nestle] has been filled and bottled less than 4 hours away, so I don't think this is *that* original.
death-by-chocolat death-by-chocolat 8 years
Zeze- try keeping multiple bottles "to go", like buy 3 and have some prefilled and waiting in the fridge for convenience and less washing. And to anyone whose water sucks (like mine)- I use a Brita filter to make big gallon jugs of water to keep in the fridge so its ice cold and ready for my water bottle.
nancita nancita 8 years
I am a big supporter of tap water, but that's why I'm also a big supporter of reusable water bottles. I'm sorry but the argument that this is good for the environment is just silly.
zeze zeze 8 years
*this would sell to those (TEAMSUGAR needs to get on that edit/delete option!)
zeze zeze 8 years
This would see to those who buy bottled water for convenience. I know love my Aquafina because it has a slightly bitter taste and because I can grab a prefilled bottled in the last second before I walk out the door (as opposed to having a steel container that I would need to wash, find, fill...etc..and yes I know how lazy that sounds.)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I see A LOT of tourists buying this and thinking it makes them blend in as New Yorkers.
Kelliegrl Kelliegrl 8 years
Ok so I live in NY and I am in marketing, but come on. People will do anything to make a buck.
geebers geebers 8 years
Uh this is crazy - I don't buy bottled water here (unless necessary) either because I know our tap water is so great. I also suspected the water was what led to such great pizza! A better idea is to ship this to another state - I can't understand why anyone would buy bottled tap when you can get it for free from the fauctet.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Yay! I live in NYC so I never buy bottled water. Just keep refilling my aluminum bottle over and over (esp. at the movies where prices for water are crazy). I think it would be funny if someone bought and shipped the water in hopes of recreating real NYC pizza.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Just proves you can sell anything nowadays
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Um, I'll pass. I'll stick to my water chock full of floride and chlorine.
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