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As women, it's important that we think about safety, particularly those of us who live in cities. A lot of women I know carry pepper spray in their purses, while others go so far as to take self-defense classes. But I was a little shocked when I heard about Shieldher, a company offering "Taser parties" — sort of like Tupperware parties, except at these home gatherings, women learn about and shop for Taser-brand stun guns.

Founded by an Arizona entrepreneur named Dana Shafman, Shieldher sells Taser C2 models ($350 each), which are not considered firearms but which are prohibited for citizen use in many states. The Tasers use laser pointers to aim and can stop an attacker from up to 15 feet away. For details on the Taser parties,

Though the company mostly sells Tasers — some complete with leopard-print cases! — on its website, it has also started offering Taser parties in certain US cities, and by the end of 2008, Shieldher wants to have parties being thrown in more than 30 states. Oh, and in case you're wondering, no alcohol is served at the parties!

Would you attend a Taser party? Do you own a Taser or some other kind of self-defense tool?


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