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Tavi Gevinson and the Child Blogger Gimmick

Why Teenage Bloggers Are Gimmicks

From a 13-year-old boy writing restaurant reviews for GQ and Time Out New York Kids to the 13-year-old blogger who commands front-row seats at fashion weeks, child bloggers are here but will they stay?

They are writing not because they pen incisive reviews, but because people's jaws drop to the sound of an aww when they stop to talk. Tavi Gevinson is the 13-year-old fashion blogger behind Style Rookie. She's done videos for Teen Vogue, she's written reviews for Harper's Bazaar, and she's been profiled in New York Times Magazine, but when I watched a video Fab posted in December of her Rodarte's Target debut coverage, I felt more sorry for her than anything. Sure it's sweet, but it's also uncomfortable to see people look like they've just spotted a puppy when they talk to her. The 13-year-old fashion blogger. It's catchy and cute and a complete gimmick.

To illustrate just how out of far the lilliputian blogger epidemic has gone, Racked found a 5-year-old with an opinion and a willing mom to blog about New York Fashion Week. It may just be one of the greatest things I've seen on the Internet. Who doesn't want to read what a 5-year-old says about Fashion Week? Which is exactly what magazines are banking on with teens.

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kenziekylanmom kenziekylanmom 7 years
My daughter is a 9 yr old blogger and she enjoys it! I don't see any harm in child bloggers but I do read each and every post before she's allowed to post it on the blog and I read all emails that she receives just to make sure some sicko isn't stalking her. Here's her blog
amybdk amybdk 7 years
I'm with evaling, BPlaster and Midnightsunsh: Tavi is awesome!
Midnightsunshine Midnightsunshine 7 years
I get what she is saying about all the other people, but seriously, read Tavi's blog before you judge it. I am sure you will be pleasanty surprised...
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I'll take my fashion advice from those who have moved up from a training bra, thank you very much.
Miss-Bree Miss-Bree 7 years
I disagree. If you can't stop laughing, go and read her blog, then you'll probably be pleasantly suprised. I sure was. I understand that Tavi is an entire generation away from me, but seriously, the girl is on point. She is well-educated in fashion, and frankly, she's a hoot. She's well-spoken (or well-written?) and hilarious. Even more than that, she quite frequently notes that she is, in fact, just a normal teenager. As for her style...Obviously someone thinks she's fantastic. She's been profiled in French Vogue, numerous magazines, and all over the blogosphere. And, ah-hem, Paris fashion week. I.E., the dream. And why insult the girl's style. Instead of conforming like so many other teenage girls who try to emulate the models they see in their magazines, she's being her own person. Are we really insulting a 13 year old for being intelligent, well-spoken, and confident. She's 13, get over it.
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
I can't stop laughing at the thought of a 13 year old me doing fashion blog. Oh the things I wore and the things I thought I knew as a young teen...
Pistil Pistil 7 years
There is a fine line between satire and sincerity on the Internet.
xxstardust xxstardust 7 years
Did anyone click over to the article about the "5 year old blogger"? Because I got the distinct impression it was supposed to be satire.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
:rotfl: I just read one of the blog entries entitled: Move Over Tavi! Meet Katie... Thirteen and already she's being replaced by a younger, fresher face! One moment please, I'm going to go get my dog's opinion on New York Fashion Week. I'll be back to blog about it later.
Pistil Pistil 7 years
Tavi seems well-spoken for 13, but doesn't she have homework to do? Or friends her own age to play with? Her 15 minutes of fame will be over before she hits puberty. And 5 years old is just absurd. I scribbled some fantastic shit when I was 5 and no one cared. At least at 13 you've developed some opinions of your own, but at 5 your parents are the ones who introduce you to everything, so to me that screams "fame seeking parents living vicariously through child".
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I find them kind of boring. I mean, honestly, I don't much care about a 13-year-olds opinion on what I should eat or wear. And I've checked out Tavi's fashion choices, so I'm definitely not taking her advice. It's like she's trying too hard to be different or avant garde, which bugs me just as much as the preppy sameness of something like J. Crew.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Does she have gray hair? I thought she was an old woman too.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
I've never heard of or seen this person before. At first sight she looks like an old woman...weird.
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
Tavi seems like a sweet girl, but alas, I get a creepy vibe from her, too. Also the way she dresses is just off. I get that she's trying to come across as artsy and indie, but it just looks all wrong. Now, the whole 5 year old thing bothers me. Like Tres said, people get these young fashion bloggers cause they're cute. But think how annoying it might be for the people these young bloggers are interviewing. Maybe not Tavi, she strikes me as pretty mature, but Katie? First of all, consider that not everyone is good with children. Second, consider that five year olds require undivided attention that fashion designers prepping for a show/people trying to watch a fashion show cannot or do not want to give.
Angellie Angellie 7 years
This little girl is quite adorable and charming. However, she creeps me out a bit...not sure why. I just get a creepy vibe from her...
skigurl skigurl 7 years
she looks like an old lady
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