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Taylor Momsen's New Music Video

What Would You Think of Your Teenage Self Today?

Maybe you were captain of a sports team, a sucker for bad boys, a straight-A student, or a teen that fit into almost all or absolutely none of the typical teenage molds. As for 16-year-old Taylor Momsen, she's currently living her rocker-girl phase for millions to see. She has the eyeliner, smirk, ripped wardrobe, and by nature of her celebrity, new music video featuring her as a symbolic Jesus (see below) to complete the badass image. I can't help but think: what will she make of all this in 10 years or so? Maybe she'll be proud of her confidence and self-expression, or perhaps she'll cringe at the fact that a potentially awkward stage got immortalized in the press. It's easy to roll your eyes at teens for being teens, but what would you make of your younger self if you got a peek back today?

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