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Tee-Hee-Hee Shirts For Toddlers

Consider this Mad TV's way of explaining where all those inappropriate toddler t-shirts come from. We laugh because it seems a bit outlandish, but is it really? Check out this kid for example. Hello-- early onset psychological/perverted impulse issues, anyone? (Brace yourselves: some of the shirts featured in this sketch are downright WRONG.)

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asmariamoon asmariamoon 9 years
omg the Kiddie Porn Star one was so very, very wrong... I loved the "bonus T-shirt" though.
iheartstarbucks iheartstarbucks 9 years
oh wow
bre123 bre123 9 years
All those were SOO wrong! But still extremely funny. lmao
rna1 rna1 9 years
loool hvnly34 busted condom that is soo wrong but it still got me to laugh
hvnly34 hvnly34 9 years
I think I really have seen one that said Busted Condom...
krystalmak krystalmak 9 years
oh mann...
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 9 years
mandykw mandykw 9 years
"theres no such thing as a bad idea" hahaha
TygrTygr TygrTygr 9 years
That's not even funny. Some idiot would buy those.
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