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Anal Beer Bongs, Vodka-Soaked Tampons (Those Crazy Teens!)

What is going on with today's teens? I just read a study that said there's been a 76 percent rise in emergency room visits between 1998 -2005 among teens who are abusing ADHD drugs like Adderall. (They crush the meds, which may or may not have been prescribed to them, snort them, and can experience side effects that mimic cardiac arrest.)

And now, a news report says that not only are many teens abusing alcohol and drugs — they're delivering those substances to their systems in bizarre and harmful ways. In Phoenix, AZ, they're snorting vodka, and some teens are soaking vodka in their tampons, which, as one expert said, can damage their reproductive systems. (And I would rather not visualize what an anal beer bong is.)

This is just sad. I was a pretty innocent teen, and although there were some bad girls in junior high who brought alcohol to school, I don't think they were doing drugs.

The woman in the video who specializes in dealing with teen substance abuse says that drug use triples between sixth and eighth grade. Did you see this in your schools growing up?

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