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Teeny Prom Dress Earns Girl Accessories: Handcuffs. Fair?

Prom night in Houston brought out the corsages — and the controversy. One high school senior came decked out in a dress that school officials thought was less than suitable. Yellow criss-crosses of fabric made up the top portion of her custom-made frock. She said, "I actually like the dress. Everybody else likes my dress." The dress code did not approve.

She was stopped at the door by a school official. The hopeful prom-goer said, "she shook her head, she was like you are not getting into this prom. We were arguing back and forth because I wanted to know why I can't get into my prom.” The dance of wills escalated from there. Even after offering cover up, she was still denied entrance.

The school principal said, “It was revealing in such nature it was not appropriate for the prom." The student became furious and demanded entrance or a refund — the next thing she knew, the cops had been called and the tiny dancer was chauffeured away in a squad car. She says, "They didn't give me any options, but to go to jail or go home."

Even the morning after, she still loves her prom dress. Was the school out of line? Should she have been allowed to cover up and dance? Was the dress and resulting argument too hot for high school?


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KK2003 KK2003 8 years
Geez! Come on. That is just nasty. There is not one thing tasteful about that outfit. SHe did it to get a reaction and thats exactly what she got. Covering it up was only a game until she got through the door. I have chaperoned several proms and I have seen this game before. She got exactly what she deserved. WHERE WAS HER MOTHER!! WHERE WAS HER MIRROR!! She is still getting the attention she wanted because we are all talking about it. Not so dumb after all!!
imdamoos imdamoos 8 years
Whoa, Bxgrl! Not everyone who is black acts the way and does the things you said. I know it may seem shocking to you, but there are black people who live in suburbs and cities and everywhere else, and some have "fake hair and those tacky airbrushed plastic nails" and some don't. Do you think that there are no white women with "those tacky airbrushed nails"? And the other dress at least covers the girl. OK, it's not my particular style, but it's still a nice dress.
browneyedgirl00 browneyedgirl00 8 years
Absolutely. A cover-up, honestly, does anyone think she would actuall have kept that on the whole night? She should have been offered an option to go home and change so she could at least come back and go to the prom. But the bottom line is this: dont follow the dress code-you dont go to the prom. No refunds.
iHeartU83 iHeartU83 8 years
I guess i feel like this is outrageous. I know at my prom someone showed up in a stocking! and yes that is way too much, i honestly would rather not see it. but they let her in. times are changing true, and i understand both sides. However i feel that she should have been let back in if she covered up, and that police where out of line. I don't care what she showed up in, calling the police is extra, unless she was acting crazy and causing trouble. There has to be more to this than just a screaming match.
diddlbea diddlbea 8 years
More proof that this countrys' people are out of control.Where else can you make tons of money because you can file a lawsuit for spilling coffee , slipping on wet floors or whatever else stupid thing you do.This girl will get the attention she wants,one way or another because someone will give it to her to make a buck.There is the root of all this countrys' mess...the (not so )almighty dollar.
Bxgrl Bxgrl 8 years
Is there something wrong w/blacks? HTF is this a nice dress? The other dress is just as hideous! Christ, these people walk around w/fake hair and those tacky airbrushed plastic nails - what do you expect? Certainly not class!
lingericious lingericious 8 years
Oh, and to those who are blaming the parents, they might be to blame, but not entirely: See comment 103. Thanks bearcub legend! :) You gave us the fact we were missing as to where her parents were! But maybe parents might have wanted to go with their daughters to make their dresses or something in the future, in case such a case happen to them.
lingericious lingericious 8 years
To everyone who feels the school officials and law enforcers have gone too far: you do not know the whole story, none of us do, we never know if she has made matters so bad that only the law can stop her, or if during normal school days she had always been threatenening the teachers that law enforcers were already part of her life. We do not know, I was only saying do not look at things only on one side, and I was only giving examples, not attacking her. Another thing, this is to msD: If you were talking about me being the peanut or whatever, I am sorry that I said only those who do not like the dress have class and taste, I guess I was in a pretty rude mood that day, since I immediately typed it in without thinking. If you do not know, it was really because of this article that I joined and commented, because I had strong views after seeing the part that she "had no options". However, you should not be saying anyone having no point of view, or making dumb comment. I cannot say it is insulting, but rather, everyone has their valuable points of view, it is just that people's views might differ. About the avatar, I just had no time to add in photos, and having a photo does not mean it is more relevant or more reliable, as we are only giving our own comments, which cannot change the world much, and people who hates what you comment might just use your photos to do some bad things right? Moreover, if you dislike others who do with the name-calling, do not do it yourself. Calling people peanuts or their comments are dumb are just another examples of name-calling. I might still not like the dress, but at least I am of right mind now to say it belongs to the beach or a pool party rather than a prom with young teenagers/children.
msdyanelk msdyanelk 8 years
I see we got another gallery "peanut" who caught wind of the buzz word, GHETTO @ lugnuts. Let me guess, you live in a beautiful vista with lush views and don't drink "fortys" or lotto tickets, right? You sound like another internet VOYEUR who in some way wants to remain relevant by ducking into forums, making your dumb comments, hiding behind some baldheaded avatar and then dipping back out---not to EVER be seen or heard from again! THANKS! Just the way, I'd like it. That goes for EVERYONE else who has NO POINT OF VIEW.
msdyanelk msdyanelk 8 years
First of all, those of us who have to proceed with the name caling...STOP! This is someone's child. SECONDLY, school officials and law enforcement may have gone too far with this one! THIRD: This was NOT a dress! It was a cut-out of some really cheap fabric that looked sorta prom-mish. Fortunately, there was a dress code in place, (to some degree) or imagine some of the other "dresses" we'd see. Believe me, they're out there in full force!!!!! Which then brings to mind a very important question to this whole issue: "Where are the parents BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the decisions are made for what to wear to prom"? HELLO!
chancleta chancleta 8 years
every school has a dress code every student knows the dress code she chose to defy it and therefore faced the consequences i commend the school for holding firm her dress is indecent
ladysam ladysam 8 years
Well her dress compared to some other proms I have seen is just the tip of the iceberg. What kills me is that the parents allow their daughters to leave the house looking like prostitutes. I thought proms were suppose to be a elegant affair. What happened to elegance? I don't think they should have arrested her, especially with handcuffs. She is a young lady and she may not have dress liked one but she still a child. Therefore, I don't agree with the dress but I dont' agree with the cops. Like my mother always says there are two sides and then there is the truth. So whatever happened behind the scene I don't know but sweet heart there is better ways to look sexy and elegant without dressing sexy.
andimaggie andimaggie 8 years
I feel that this prom dress was totally inappropriate and this young lady was well aware of the affect she was going to have on everybody. Apparently, she already has issues since she cannot live with her mother because she will not obey the rules. She took total advantage of the grandmother by sneaking out of the house wearing this piece of garbage while whe was asleep. I am not quite sure why she thought she would get away with it but kids these days tend to push everything to the extreme. I also feel that the school was well within their rights to call the police to her. There is just no way she didn't raise hell after being stopped at the door and not allowed to attend the prom. As far as her refund goes, she probably had already gotten some of the amenities that went with the ticket then she still wanted her money back. That is not the way the system works. I guarantee she has NOT learned her lesson and she will continue to believe that she is special and doesn't have to obey the law and rules of the world. She will probably be another young adult who ends up pregnant and society will end up supporting her and her children. As far as it being a black issue, that is absolutely ridiculous.
tremellek tremellek 8 years
Wow! I can't believe this story is still circulating. Its a shame that this child's parents actually allowed her to put her big toe in this prostitute looking dress. I'm thinking that she had to have gotten out of hand and that's why the police were called. However, if you look at those prom pictures on, you will see dresses like this and even worse, so there are school out there who actually ALLOW their students to dress like pimps and ho's. It is so sad that this young lady represents herself this way.....just SAD!!
lingericious lingericious 8 years
So now everything is shown, the whole story is pretty clear (Okay, maybe except why she was handcuffed. Too violent? Refusal to leave?) And hey, how on earth can she say that she was not given options? They gave her the options to go home, didn't they? It was her own fault not to go home when they were still in their polite mood, and waited until they have lost their temper with her. I guess it is clear that she offered coverup, which was just breaking another dress code. (Hello, if she did not wear ANY undergarments at all, you think any normal person would want her to lift her skirt even higher to "coverup"?) How old is she anyway? Wearing such skimpy clothes, she might as well not wear anything at all. Hey, not all media encourages it either, when she-shall-not-be-named wore a very skimpy dress (Very bare-back and front, but still better than the one shown on top), she was criticized by magazines which suits a high school senior's age. I guess it is common sensical as to why she was both not allowed in and not allowed for her refund. Oh, and it takes two hands to clap; you cannot put all the blame to her parents. They might have warned her against it but being at a rebellious age, she went against their warnings. Lastly, get to know that being sexy is one thing, but slutty is another. Girls, don't be fooled as these two are often mixed up together. P.S. Not everyone else likes her dress, people with class and taste would not.
Mr-E Mr-E 8 years
A prom is a school event. School rules and consequences apply since it is being sponsored by the school. If you drink or smoke and are caught at prom, you can be punished just as if you were at school during 3rd period. She was most likely arrested because of a violation known as "disturbing schools". You can be arrested for the same offense at most other federal institutions such as courthouses and town halls. If you are in a federal building (which a school constitutes a federal building) and you are "actin' a fool", then you can be arrested and charged for this crime. She knew her dress was inappropriate. She chose to wear it. She chose to be non-compliant. She chose to cause a scene. Clearly, she belongs to the group of people in this world who think that the rules don't apply to them and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, without consequences. I'm guessing this wasn't her first reality check, nor will it be her last.
mamabonz mamabonz 8 years
Did anyone look at the friend in the picture? She seems to have on a really pretty prom dress. I would like to congratulate her for a "good" choice in dresses. the gold and royal purple color, the cut is right for her pretty body and her make up and hair are well done. It looks like her mom (or other 'adult') in her life took some time to teach her something about self respect and playing by the rules can actually make you the "belle of the ball" Congratulations to Mystery Girl in the picture.. My advice to Mystery Girl... Choose a new friend.. That will either let you be a PART of a picture.. or actually let you SHINE in a picture at least from the picture it looks like You are the real Prom Queen..thank your mother...
wifflebatt wifflebatt 8 years
She should have checked about her dress, it was ridiculous but the school should have tried to make a comprimise...
lugnuts lugnuts 8 years
ghetto is as ghetto does. I am suprised she didnt get arrested for the foe'ty and lotto tickets.
QuinnAngel00 QuinnAngel00 8 years
First off I wouldn't let my kid out of the house like that, dance or not, but then again, they said she is a senior, so she might already be 18 anyway. I agree that the dress was out of line for a school function, I KNOW they have dress codes for EVERYTHING. Especially a school dance. But, where the school was wrong was when they didn't allow her in after she agreed to cover up. I mean, she was being cooperative at least in that respect correct? They should have let her in, and I'm sure things would have been fine. But they had to be ridiculous and then call the police. That's definately the wrong answer. Of course there could be things we don't know, maybe she got all crazy or started to get violent who knows. But from the article if that's all that happened then cops shouldn't have been involved. They should have been at least semi-prepared for some kids to come dressed unaccordingly. I know at my school they had some donated random t-shirts in the nurse's office for girls who wore revealing tops to school. That way they still had to be in school, and they were abiding by the dress code, plus they had to wear an ugly old shirt, as to discourage them to do it again. I'm pretty sure they could have done something like that for her and let her through. Just a situation that got out of hand with school officials. I got sent home from school for MUCH less (I dressed punk, had safety pins holding the bottom part below my knees pinned to the rest of my pants and they told me I had to go home and change, as I was on my way to my first class. I said I would just take them off all the safety pins too and even give them to the office, but I just wanted to go to class, but they said NO. So I missed like one and a half classes because of their idiocy.)
gare gare 8 years
When I seen that the girl that wasn't allowed in I thought "of course not, you can't wear anything that shows mid drift in school, or anything school related." Yet then I read that she even offered to cover everything up to go into prom, at that point i was confused and I thought maybe the school is being unfair, but then i realized that, by being arrested and what not she had to do something to get arrested, she was probably screaming at the school officials and not serving the appropriate amount of respect to them, and probably claimed the "race card" people will just cling to that stuff, i know it, i see it in my school all the time, if someone gets in trouble and they're black, people always freak out about it, that is if they do even get in trouble for it. I know teachers who even tell me they don't want to discipline african americans because they know that they will claim that the teacher is racsist, which is ridiculous i've seen a black girl hurl a ball at this white girls face so hard that her nose poured blood while the teacher was watching and she didn't say a word to her, she acted like she didn't even see it. I mean i'm not rascist, it's just the truth and it's sad that we claim we're so fair but we're not fare to each kind, that some people have to live in fear that we can't speak up.
Edie-J-Blige Edie-J-Blige 9 years
I have never heard of a dress code at a prom. I don't think this would have happened at my dance. If someone had shown up to school dressed like that they would have argued that it "interfered with learning" and they would have been reprimanded.
mecita mecita 9 years
Her behavior at the door would have to have been violent or threatening to warrant the police. I totally blame the parents.
Mosi1219 Mosi1219 9 years
Her dress was totally inappropriate. I am sick and tired of teenagers masquerading around in public with little or nothing on their bodies! Call it what you will but it is plain disgraceful and does nothing for the event.If she wants to be almost naked and wear what she wants to wear then she can do so in the privacy of her own home. Public functions have dress codes and she should get use to it. That's life! Grow up! The cops should have hauled her parents off to jail for allowing their daugther to leave the house in that outfit in the first place.
azucar_ame azucar_ame 9 years
I don't even have words!!
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