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Teeny Prom Dress Earns Girl Accessories: Handcuffs. Fair?

Prom night in Houston brought out the corsages — and the controversy. One high school senior came decked out in a dress that school officials thought was less than suitable. Yellow criss-crosses of fabric made up the top portion of her custom-made frock. She said, "I actually like the dress. Everybody else likes my dress." The dress code did not approve.

She was stopped at the door by a school official. The hopeful prom-goer said, "she shook her head, she was like you are not getting into this prom. We were arguing back and forth because I wanted to know why I can't get into my prom.” The dance of wills escalated from there. Even after offering cover up, she was still denied entrance.

The school principal said, “It was revealing in such nature it was not appropriate for the prom." The student became furious and demanded entrance or a refund — the next thing she knew, the cops had been called and the tiny dancer was chauffeured away in a squad car. She says, "They didn't give me any options, but to go to jail or go home."

Even the morning after, she still loves her prom dress. Was the school out of line? Should she have been allowed to cover up and dance? Was the dress and resulting argument too hot for high school?


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