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Tell Me I'm Crazy — My Questions About Obama's Momentum

Tell Me I'm Crazy — My Questions About Obama's Momentum

Tons of you are die-hard Obama supporters, and you've been following the Democratic race for delegates uber-closely right along with us. I need all you "Go-bamians" to educate me. I'm mulling over and stuck on the following ... inconsistencies(?) about Obama's apparent momentum. Tell me these are red herrings:

  • Looking at the map of electoral wins in the 2004 election. With the exception of the northeast and its handful of electoral votes, all his victories so far are in states that are red, red, red. Is Hillary in a more comfortable lead in states that Democrats can actually take in the general election?

  • And then there's my caucus-conundrum. So of their respective wins, 10 of Obama's 18 victories, have been caucuses, while only 2 of Hillary's 13 victories were. With caucus rules being so different from primaries, and the voting done in the open with your neighbors, I'm curious why there's such a big discrepancy. Why is Hillary winning more of the primary (secret) balloting? Why do people seem more willing to support Obama in public?

I know you're dying to set me straight — and I have another question if you'll


  • Finally, a piece from David Brooks this weekend won't leave my head. In it, he interviews a retail-expert and asks how people "shop" for a candidate. The expert says this:

    "Did you hear the message of Clinton’s speech Tuesday night? It’s a rotten world out there. Regular folks are getting the shaft. They need someone who’ll fight tougher, work harder and put loyalty over independence.

    "Then did you see the Hopemeister’s speech? His schtick makes sense if you’ve got a basic level of security in your life, if you’re looking up, not down...Obama’s people are so taken with their messiah that soon they’ll be selling flowers at airports and arranging mass weddings. There’s a “Yes We Can” video floating around YouTube in which a bunch of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and the guy from the Black Eyed Peas are singing the words to an Obama speech in escalating states of righteousness and ecstasy. If that video doesn’t creep out normal working-class voters, then nothing will."

    Is Obama the candidate for those who are already safe and secure? Those who can afford to "hope"? If that's the case, what happens when the contest moves to working-class states really pinched by the economy, Ohio and Pennsylvania? Will "hope" resonate there?"

I'm really curious, and I know a lot of you can provide me with some pretty passionate answers to these musings. Won't you?

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