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This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I have a great bf who is kind and generous, and has supported me emotionally through a really tough time in my life. We've known each other for a while, and were friends for years before we started dating, So he knows my ex bf and has met him several times. He also knows how badly he broke my heart and how much I loved him. In fact the last serious relationship I had was with that guy three years prior.

Anyways, my ex went through some tough times and ended up in rehab. So when he got out he contacted me to apologize for what had happened between us. He actually came to my house (mutual friend lives down the street from me), and yada yada so I forgave him. I told my bf that he stopped by unexpectedly (he really did) and he wasn't happy, but didn't really say anything about it.


I am in grad school (psychology) and for my substance abuse class we have to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting. So, obviously being a little nervous, I asked my ex if I could join him to one of his meetings. Now, I do not know if I should tell my current boyfriend, or just go to the meeting (it's one hour) and that's it.

My bf and I have discussed several times not being friends with exes, which neither one of us are, out of respect for the other person. I just don't want to upset him.

I know what at least one response is going to be, "How would you feel?" I've thought about that. And I feel that I should tell him, I just don't want him to think too much into it or anything like that. Because I know if my bf told me that, I would start thinking if they were hanging out all the time or just that night? Or what about before and after the meeting? Stupid things like that.


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