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timothycrew timothycrew 8 years
International travel is doing good work to improve the revenue of the US. And it can increase it revenve by advertisement. __________ timothycrew Credit Card Debt
CitizenSugar CitizenSugar 8 years
Ooh that's a good idea sushibananas! I'll see what I can dig up. Stay tuned!
sushibananas sushibananas 8 years
Hmm...well...25 minutes later I'm puzzled by how hard it is to pull up solid info with the simple search "what are the top ten US exports?" in google. Not clear-cut answer!
sushibananas sushibananas 8 years
I'm curious, CitizenSuger - it's interesting to see the #1 export of 10 other countries - do you happen to know and could you post as a follow-up what America's top ten exports are. I'd be interested if any of the top ten American exports are "things" versus services. I'll go hunt online now, as well.
organicsugr organicsugr 8 years
Pickens already sold a bunch of his alternative energy holdings.
stephley stephley 8 years
I have visions of T Boone Pickens buying up all the land in what he calls "wind alley" in the midwest from farmers and businesses going belly up - and he'll somehow end up being the Wind Baron and we'll all have to buy our energy from him.
Jillness Jillness 8 years
I agree with GREEN stephly! We know that global demand for alternative energy will only increase over the next 2 decades, as fossil fuels become more limited and expensive and as energy consumption grows. From the TIME article: "This country's move into big-time debt exports began with the big-time government deficits of the early 1980s--which had to be financed by somebody. "The Reagan Revolution was essentially an experiment in seeing how much money America could borrow from overseas," says Murphy, who at the time was an investment banker in Tokyo. The answer was lots. Guided by Murphy and his ilk, Japan snapped up U.S. treasuries and other debt, keeping interest rates here from exploding as many had feared."
stephley stephley 8 years
Maybe green technology and alternative energies? I thought we'd been heading in this direction for some time now - this is from a government fact sheet in '07: ** International travel is one of the largest exports for the United States, ranking ahead of agricultural goods and motor vehicles. Purchases of services and goods by foreign travelers, including expenditures for food, lodging, recreations, and gifts while in the U.S. are counted as U.S. exports. ** Last year, international visitors spent a record $107.4 billion in travel receipts including passenger fares for the U.S., an increase of 5 percent over 2005. 2006 marked the eighteenth consecutive year that the United States has enjoyed a travel and tourism balance of trade surplus -- $7.3 billion in 2006.
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