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Thieves Increasingly Drilling Into Fuel Tanks To Steal Gas

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Thieves Increasingly Drilling Into Fuel Tanks To Steal Gas Dale Fortin is getting a new kind of customer at his Detroit auto repair shop, customers who have not just been in a fender-bender or had a windshield smashed by a rock. The soaring price of crude oil has turned gas tanks into a cache of valuable booty, and Fortin has replaced several tanks punctured or drilled by thieves thirsting for the nearly $4-a-gallon fuel inside. "That's the new fad," said the co-owner of Dearborn Auto Tech in Detroit. "I'd never seen it before gas got up this high."

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kia kia 8 years
Interesting. I asked my dad this weekend if he is seeing anything reminiscent of the fuel crisis in the 70s or if he thought it would get to that point. He mentioned that some gas station owners and gangs would hijack the big trucks that bring gas to stations and steal fuel. I wonder if we'll get to that point now?
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