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Things to Consider Before Moving For a Relationship

3 Things to Consider Before Moving For Love

Moving is hard enough, but moving for a relationship is risky. Fortunately, most people who've done it say it's a risk worth taking, even when the relationship doesn't last. Monday I asked what you would and wouldn't do again when taking yourself and a relationship to a new place. Here's some of your best advice.

  • Move closer, but don't live together: "Going from seeing each other two weekends a month to every day is enough to adjust to. Living together would make things even more difficult. When you start out in a LDR, your honeymoon stage lasts a lot longer. If you find that you are all the sudden in the same town, take it slow, because a lot of things will change." — wolfpackgal
  • Make sure your relationship is stable: "Things between us are going really well, but everything else is super rough (getting used to a new job, new city, new apartment, being away from my friends and family), so if this relationship doesn't work out for whatever reason (even though I'm thinking and hoping that it will), I can almost guarantee that I will never move for a relationship again. It's too much stress and too much pressure to place on a relationship." — zabrow
  • Don't expect it to be easy: "Right before we moved in together, my boyfriend's sister told me the greatest piece of advice that I now tell everyone. She said to me, 'Now, the first week you move in together you will cry — this is normal!' — and it was so true!! You may love him to death and are completely happy you're moving in, but at some point you are going to break down! This is normal, and it doesn't 'represent' anything, so don't freak out." — stoof

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