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Ladies, do you secretly cringe when you see your partner put on a dirty T-shirt or those baggy jeans that should've been washed weeks ago? While many of us might prefer our partners to take better care of themselves, the whole metrosexual thing can be grating as well.

If your boyfriend, husband, best friend or brother needs a few helpful hints about keeping it clean but keeping it real, he need look no further. The answer is simple: we like a dash of metro and a splash of macho!

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While slightly unpolished is sexy, there's a time and a place and a way to be dirty. Overall, we like you much better fresh, and nothing says fresh like a close shave. According to How to Iron You Own Damn Shirt, a British aftershave maker found that 92% of women prefer their men to have a clean shave, while 63% of men think they look more attractive with facial hair. Fellas, if you're in doubt, you might ask your lady how she prefers your cheek to feel!

And since hair is one of the first things anyone notices, keep it clean and tidy. Although most conditioners remain marketed towards women, a man's scalp needs some TLC, too. You might not need it everyday, but start with twice a week and see if you notice a difference.

Holding hands is such a sweet interlude in a relationship, but it's hard to enjoy rough, chapped mitts. A fella's hands get dry and cracked, too, so a good hand cream is essential. This kind of smooth we like. Fingernail care is also seriously important; make sure to keep them clean and short. Learn to love your nail brush. We never forget a great smile on a man, so don't neglect your teeth. Oral hygiene and fresh breath are imperative: brush and floss, boys.

And speaking of freshness, it's time for the cologne conversation. A lot of women prefer the simple smell of a good deodorant, as do I. But I also love a signature scent, appropriately and sparingly applied. Do not pour cologne into your palm and slap it all over, no matter what you've seen in ads and commercials!

If it's a spray, mist it lightly in front of you and walk into it. Twice, max. Otherwise, put your pointer finger over the bottle's mouth, tip it, and dab the scent behind your ears and on your wrists. Easy does it. An overpowering cologne gives people headaches, which is why they get so grouchy. Ask your partner how she likes you, plain or scented. Never hesitate to let the ladies at the counter help you pick a scent or offer more application tips!

I hope these hints have been helpful. Ladies, by all means, e-mail this page where it might be of use!


Join The Conversation
Marci Marci 10 years
That's funny, Dear! :D LizaToad, you are really stuck in that scenario. He just doesn't know any better!
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
Heh, I HATE cologne when it's freshly sprayed but I love the dry down. My bf is good with that, if he needs cologne he usually brings me along, if not then axe it is.
DearSugar DearSugar 10 years
Marci! Wow. Completely changes the way I think about cloning. What a rock star.
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
woooooooow marci, you're lucky! my bf grew up with his own maid... so he's the messiest person EVER... he thinks i'm his maid now!!!!!!! :mob:
Marci Marci 10 years
My boyfriend is very neat in all ways, appearance included. He also washes the dishes every night and wipes down the bathroom after himself. I grew up sharing a bathroom with 4 older brothers and none of them did that!
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
I guess im used to both of those things, he can be a little of it evens out
nicachica nicachica 10 years
hmmm, my boyfriend does all those things so i guess i'm pretty lucky (and he cooks and cleans too!). :)
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