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The thrill of meeting someone whom you connect with can be momentous. But it’s all too easy to let the adrenaline rush and dinner dates go to your head. Before you know it reality can get completely lost in all those exciting emotions, so here are a few reminders to keep you grounded when you first start dating someone.

  • Just because he’s not “the one” doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun for a little while. But do make sure that you’re both on the same wavelength to avoid any potential hurt feelings.
  • If you find yourself unsure about your feelings towards him that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not “the one.”
  • People are imperfect — including you.
  • If you think something is a red flag then you’re probably right.
  • Attraction alone won’t cut it. No matter how hot he may be or how gorgeous he thinks you are, you’re going to need more eventually.
  • Your friends will notice if you suddenly start bailing on them.
  • Giving into your lust isn't always a bad idea, but confusing lust with love is never a good move.
  • Your friends don’t always know what’s best, but sometimes they really do!

Though dating may be nerve wracking, it should be more fun than not! If you have a reminder for all the newly dating ladies, please share in the comments below!


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