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10 Things You Give Up When Moving In With Your Boyfriend

Jul 17 2014 - 3:05am

There are countless benefits to living with your significant other [1], but everybody has to give up something when you combine two lives into one house. While he's tossing out his Star Wars poster from college and significantly decreasing his video game screen time, you're probably letting go of a few things too. In addition to certain household items that have to go [2], here are a few more things that you give up when you move in with your guy.

Source: CBS [3]

Reality TV shows.

Source: Bravo [4]

Junk that you've been hoarding.

Hours taking selfies.

He will call you out on this for sure.

The honest and informed feedback from girl roommates about your outfit choices.

Bathroom privacy.

Source: Bravo [5]

Like . . . all of it.
Source: Bravo [6]

Extra space for your clothes (and shoes, and purses, and accessories).

Guilt-free late-night snack sessions.

You can still have them . . . he just may judge you a little.

Anything too floral or frilly.

Your multicolored flower-print comforter probably has to go.

Source: Lifetime [7]

Old or ugly undies.

Silence whenever and wherever you want it. Not gonna happen anymore.

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