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Things You Should Never Say

Radar put together a list of "50 Things You Should Never Say." Consider it a PSA for your social life. I sampled a few of my faves below, but you can take a look at the full list here. Let me know if you're guilty of saying one or a few of these, and if you are: Yo, that makes two of us!

  • Hold on, I'm getting paged.
  • Anything ending in 'izzle.
  • Can you supersize that?
  • The Internets (in conversation or on your blog).
  • Welcome to my backyard space capsule. (GS: Or "my oversized balloon" for that matter!)
  • This old thing? Got it at Hot Topic.
  • I always tip 12 percent. Leave 'em wanting more.
  • They're not Rollerblades. They're inline skates.
  • Word (used in the affirmative).
  • I'd love to, but "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is on.
  • I've always been a deodorant optional kinda guy (GS: or gal).
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