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In an article for July's issue of Marie Claire, Sarah Ivens, editor in chief of OK! magazine, chronicles her weight-loss journey's disappointing effect on many of her female friendships. After being told she was obese by a nutritionist, Ivens committed to changing her unhealthy ways, but found her friends didn't share her positive attitude. She writes:

When I fessed up to my diet plan after week one, I was surprised that, instead of offering kinship and support, a few women were upset with me. . . . My sudden decision to restrain myself at the dinning table reflected badly on their decision — or inability — not to . . . The jealousy was palpable — especially when, after four weeks of trimming fat, sugar, and useless calories, I'd lost 10 pounds.

Though jealousy among women is not uncommon, we don't expect to find it amidst friends. But as we know, the standards of contemporary society have led many women to experience deep anxieties about their bodies, and surely such insecurities breed jealousy even in the company of good friends. So tell me, have you ever encountered experiences similar to Sarah's in your own circle of friends? Have your friends' bodies or body images affected your own?


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