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Three Babies Found in German Freezer

Three Babies Found In German Freezer

The bodies of three babies have been found in a basement freezer in the town of Wenden, in western Germany. The woman believed to be the mother of the three, who also has three children aged 18 to 24 living at the house, has been arrested.

The three babies were not stillborn, though the cause of death and the infants' ages have not been released.

The babies appear to have died shortly after birth and were found in the freezer wrapped in plastic bags, according to the prosecutor's office.

Grimly, several similar cases have surfaced in Germany recently — including a woman jailed for killing her eight children and stuffing their bodies in flower pots. And two years ago, the body of a toddler was found in the fridge of his drug-addicted parents in the northern city of Bremen.

What's in the world is behind this sad news out of Germany? Do you consider stories like this, news? Does the media have a responsibility to report even the grisliest stories, or would you rather they stick to the less salacious? Is it a little of both?


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