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Tips on Getting a Guy to Wear a Condom

Not only do women have to worry about getting pregnant when they have sex, but they also have to worry about contracting an STI. Wearing condoms is a great way to protect yourself from both, while still being able to enjoy sex.

Guys may complain about using them, say things like they can't feel as much, or it's harder for them to orgasm. Of course, if a guy is being a jerk about it, then I'd be turned off and not even want to have sex with him with him in the first place, but sometimes it just takes a little gentle coaxing. Here are some tips to get him to slip one on:

  • Keep condoms with you, in your purse, in these cute condom holders, and in your nightstand drawer. That way if a guy says, "I don't have one," you can say, "That's OK, I do!"
  • Offer to put it on for him.

Want to see the rest, then

  • Say, "This is really important to me, and it should be important to you."
  • Say, "Are you ready to be a parent, because I'm not!"
  • Use fun condoms like ones that glow in the dark, ones with ribs, or even Kamasutra condoms and tell him that it really turns you on.
  • Say that the only way you'll have sex is if he wears one — period.

If you have to try more than one of these tips, you might want to re-think sharing that kind of intimacy with him.


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