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I just came across an article on that still has my head spinning. The male author offers up some tips on dating someone new. He feels that the trick to keeping her interested is to be slightly aloof and starts off saying, "making her seem like an enhancement to your life by 'taking time out of your busy schedule' to spend with her will make her feel special." He continues to advise men to get a life, to make a woman wonder if she's being thought of and to limit the phone interaction and time spent together. He suggests "first-date lingering" — meaning not to extend the date into the the wee hours of the evening — and lastly, to decline some of her invitations.

Now as a woman who not only loathes the game but also advises women not to play it, I can't help but feel disappointed that there are men out there advising other men to do just that! I agree that there's something to be said about keeping a level of independence in your relationship — we've all heard of too much too soon — but tell me, do you think his suggestions take it a bit too far? How would you feel if the new guy you started dating actually took these tips to heart?


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