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Tips For Moving In With Boyfriend

Your Tips For Moving In Together

After a reader planning to move in with her beau put a call out for advice, a bunch of readers weighed in with impressive guidance! Assuming you don't have any major obstacles to deal with — like disapproving parents — here are some simple tips, courtesy of your fellow readers, which should help the transition go smoothly.

  • Discuss the relationship: Reader Rory1225 weighs in: "If you expect that he will propose soon because you are moving in, say so! Talk about how long you are willing to co-habitate without that commitment." Another reader seconds that, saying: "Some people move in as a test-run for marriage. Some just want to stop spending rent when they spend the night together anyways. Make sure you're on the same page now, even if it can be an awkward conversation."
  • Divide the labor: Again, Rory1225 offers sage advice: "You hate to do laundry? Maybe he hates to wash dishes." Another reader says: "I dust, he vacuums. I clean the bathroom, he cleans the kitchen. I cook, he clears the dishes. Make sure that you're both contributing to the household chores."
  • Make win-win compromises: GinGirl explains: "Since my boyfriend works more than I do, I usually do more around the house, simply because I have the time to do so. We talked beforehand about chores that were non-negotiable (I hate cleaning bathrooms, he hates raking leaves)."
  • Don't avoid the money talk: Jelibeann says: "I know money has been an awkward issue for a lot of our friends that have moved in together, and I think it's because they didn't have a plan when they started living with each other. Everyone was raised to think about money differently, so it's important to create a compromise you are both comfortable with."
  • Keep the spark alive: GinGirl says: "We've also implemented date nights, because it's important to get out of the house and do fun stuff, not just veg watching TV together — and to go out with friends! Everybody needs some space."

Anything to add?

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