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Do You Have Tips For Moving In Together?

Moving in together is an exciting step for a couple. But the change and added pressure can stress some people out, too. A TrèsSugar community member recently asked for some advice on the topic. She's worried about finances, the heightened commitment, and whether or not she and her mate are going to become sick of each other.

There are lots of logistics to discuss before moving in. You should tackle questions like: Will you split major purchases for the house? What will happen to these big-ticket items, like a couch, if you break up? How will you share the bills? And since we know cleanliness is a common cause of fighting, it's smart to chat about chores before you're faced with a messy argument. If you can afford it, it might even be worth budgeting in a monthly cleaning service to avoid fights about a dirty bathtub or dusty dinning room.

As for concerns over spending too much time together, I think it's smart to build in some alone time. Maybe you can agree that on the weekends, you'll each have some time in the apartment alone while the other person runs errands, or plan to leave the house while your partner has friends over.

Let's help out this reader by pooling our collective knowledge. What advice would you give someone about to move in with a partner?

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