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Tips For Parents on Creating a Romantic Valentine's Day

Create a Romantic Night: 5 Tips For Parents From LilSugar

It's hard enough to make a night out of Valentine's Day when it falls on a Monday like this year, but there's a whole other layer of planning when you have kids. Since we, childless at TrèsSugar, know nothing of this parent-specific dilemma, we enlisted the help of mother, wife, and blogger extraordinaire Heather Maddan, editor of LilSugar, for advice on how to put romance first and kids second — just for one night!

Here are Heather's five tips for making sure next Monday is anything but manic.

  • Rather than fretting over an original plan, pull from your past (when you could afford to be spontaneous), and relive a memorable, pre-baby date. Going to the same spot will put you in a nostalgic and carefree state of mind.
  • Parents (especially mothers) tend to put everyone else first, so mix up the gift-giving. Buy for yourselves, so you and your partner can each get the item you’ve been eyeing without feeling guilty.
  • Book a sitter and have her come early, so you can take time to get ready. Soak in the tub, apply false eyelashes, or try on different outfits — and drink a couple of cocktails, like you did in your single days.
  • Surprise your spouse with something unexpected. Whether it’s a gesture or words, it will add a romantic, humorous, or endearing twist to the occasion.
  • Watch the sunset. Or at least make a pact to not check the time!

If you have your own advice, add it below!

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