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Tips For Running Into an Ex

7 Tips For Running Into Your Ex Gracefully

When Leighton Meester bumped into ex Sebastian Stan (aka Carter on Gossip Girl) at a Karl Lagerfeld party earlier this week, onlookers say she approached him, hugged him, and started a conversation.

It's pretty much a dating-book perfect way to run into an ex, but I doubt it was easy. Because it's hard to know how to behave in the moment, here are seven tips to handle your next ex run-in with grace.

  • Decide how to handle it, and do it: Very few of us have ignored an ex, but if you absolutely don't want to talk, leave. I say leave because ignoring him will be so painfully awkward that you probably won't want to be there anyway. Don't want him to control your night? Suck it up, be the bigger person, and initiate a conversation. The longer you wait, the more awkward it will get.
  • Keep it short and sweet: It's not like you must endure one minute of small talk for every year you were together. Say hello, how are you, and move on.
  • Remember why you broke up: You've been focusing on his flaws, but he'll probably be on his best, most charming behavior. Don't go running into the bathroom to chain smoke and cry like Betty Draper; he's still the same person.
  • Be positive, but not effusive: You don't want to sound fake!
  • Don't talk about who you're seeing: Unless your new beau is standing next to you, there's no need to bring him up.
  • Don't read too much into anything: Whether you think he's being a jerk or flirting, he's probably as nervous and caught off guard as you. Don't take anything he says too seriously or personally, but do hold it against him if he's a total jerk.
  • Be nice: If you forget everything else on this list but are still nice, then it will be a success!

Have any to add?

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